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Founded by John and Susan Carlson in 1965, J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business for over 45 years. Since no one cares more about quality than the people who put their names on it, Carlson Laboratories is dedicated to providing only the highest quality nutritional supplements. 

In 2010, Carilyn Anderson and Kirsten Carlson (daughters of John and Susan) took over as the new management team of Carlson Laboratories. Today the Carlson sisters continue to ensure that the Carlson family name represents the quality supplements people have come to expect.

Major Products

Carlson Laboratories began with a single vitamin E formula. Since then, the line has grown to become the most complete line of natural-source vitamin E products in the world. Carlson Laboratories product range has expanded through the years to meet the nutritional needs of our customers. Our product lines now include award-winning Norwegian fish oils, a full line of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, special formulations and other nutritional supplements.

Value Proposition

Carlson Laboratories high quality nutritional products are key components to achieving optimal health.

We are a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing our customers superior products based on accepted scientific research. The first and foremost consideration at Carlson Laboratories is quality; we will not sacrifice our high standards for any reason.

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