Chlorophyll Mint

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Mint Chlorophyll by Land Art

Land Art's chlorophyll extracted from alfalfa and dosed 18 mg per 5 ml has numerous properties. Diluted in a glass of water, chlorophyll is the healthiest purifying drink. Also available eucalyptus or apple flavored, or unflavored.

What does Mint Chlorophyll do?

Contributes to the purification of the blood by oxygenating red blood cells and helping the system to release toxins. This product also helps to alkalinize and deodorize the body.

Who should use Mint Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is known to regulate unwanted or unpleasant odors of the human body. Studies have shown that chlorophyll can help to regulate appetite and attain healthy iron levels.

  • Provides healthy iron levels;
  • Excellent nutritional supplement;
  • Controls undesired body odors;
  • Controls appetite, encouraging weight lost.


  • Medicinal: Chlorophyll (copper chlorophyllin): 54 mg.
  • Non-medicinal: Eau purifiée, glycérine végétale, arôme naturel de menthe verte.

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