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With the cold and flu season in full swing, it is important to maintain good immunity and maintain good general health. Although it is always good to maintain good health with a good diet and drinking plenty of water, our modern way of life does not always give us time to consume the full range of foods we need. Ansi, we must always supplement our diet with vitamin C to maintain our overall health and, above all, give a boost to our immune system.

Ener-C is made with a base of vitamin C. We believe that we all suffer from vitamin C deficiency and that we have consumed until now the bad form of vitamin C. Did you know that all animals, Except humans, dogfishes and crazy pigs, make their own vitamin C? They produce it not in the form of ascorbic acid, but in the form of mineral ascorbate. We use mineral ascorbates in Ener-C because they are a completely neutral form of vitamin C that does not cause gastrointestinal distress as does ascorbic acid. We have also added vitamins A and E to help with the absorption of vitamin C and offer the benefits for vision and skin and the antioxidants associated with this group of vitamins. Ener-C will also help you develop and maintain a strong immune system.

We are aware that more and more people have stopped using table salt every day (and this is excellent!). That said, the only true source of iodine in the North American diet is table salt. Therefore, we may be suffering from iodine deficiency. We added iodine to Ener-C to help support the health of the thyroid.

In addition to immune benefits, Ener-C will also give you a natural boost for energy. We all seem to need more energy these days; Just look at the booming sales and consumption of energy drinks with caffeine. By adding B vitamins and potassium, and our vitamin C mineral ascorbate, you will get more energy without sudden decrease in energy caused by caffeine that stops effecting.

Ener-C has been specially formulated to be rich in electrolytes. It is the electrolytes that make a difference, whether you need it during your workout, whether you are sick or have been drinking too much alcohol.

Ener-C is entirely natural, flavored with extracts of real fruits and without GMO. Ener-C is the natural choice


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