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Option Biotech - Biovigora

Biovigora is a food supplement (100 % natural), formulated to improve the men and women's sexual functions.

What does Biovigora do?

Increase your sexual performances

For men & women of all ages, with or without any difficulties. Scientists of Canada, intrigued by the sexual vitality of certain African tribes, discovered that Aframomum was used as a spice to season food, and was at the source of this sexual vitality. Curiously, it was necessary in North America to wait until today to take advantage of the virtues of this plant, although it has been used for centuries in Africa.

Works in less than 1 hour!

Who should use Biovigora?

Bio Vigora is appropriate for men in the following categories :
Any man wishing to improve his current performance.
Men with a temporary erectile dysfunction.
Men with occasional erectile dysfunctions.
Certain men with a permanent erectile dysfunction.

Bio Vigora is appropriate for women in the following categories :
Any woman wishing to improve her current libido.
Women with a temporarily low libido/sensibility/lubrification.
Women with a permanent libido/sensibility/lubrification problem.


Because Aframomum is a kind of spice, as with other spices, we recommend to be careful if you have intestinal sensitivity or allergies to spices.


Frequently asked questions...
Does one need to have a problem to use Bio Vigora ?
Not at all. Bio Vigora was designed for all men wanting to improve their sexual performances, normal erection or not. Erection is easier, harder and longer. It helps to prevent pre mature ejaculation and the speed of recovery is much faster. For women, they become more sensitive to touch, the libido and the sexual desire is increased. Bio Vigora also regulates lubrication.

What is the optimal directions for Bio Vigora ?
50% of the people will immediately see a difference by taking 2 capsules. If you do not see any results with 2 capsules, follow the directions on the bottle: take 1 capsule every meal for 3 to 5 consecutive days. Continue with 2 capsules 1 hour before sexual relations.Bio Vigora works in less than 1 hour.

Is Bio Vigora having some adverse effects ?
Up today, any adverse effects have been identify. See the precaution on the bottle.

Do I need to start the 3 to 5 days build-up over if I have been without Bio Vigora for over a month?
Only once is enough, your system will remember the codes of the product, it is enough for you thereafter to take 2 capsules 60 minutes before intercourse.

What side effects can Bio Vigora have on a person with heart problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetic, with a prostate or cholesterol problem ?
The Bio Vigora active ingredient is a spice from Africa. It does not involve more danger than to put pepper in your food. (see the tests on blood pressure)


Take 1 capsule, with each meal, 3 times a day, for 5 consecutive days.
Total : 15 capsules. This load up phase needs only to be done 1 time.

After this period, take 2 capsules 1 hour before sexual activities.


Aframomum 300 mg
Kola nitida 80 mg
digestive enzymes 20 mg


Safe and effective for individuals having problems with diabetes, cholesterol, prostate blood pressure and the heart. Compatible with alcohol and medication.

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