Bamboo wood ecological diffuser

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 Bamboo wood ecological diffuser

Compact and light. the Aromark Essence Diffuser accompagnies me everywhere!

  • in a handbag
  • while traveling
  • in a hospital room
  • in tent trailers
  • at home
  • at theoffice
  • in motorized RVs
  • and much more.

The diffuser is consisting of a non-liquide organic base. To operate, this new generation diffuser requires no energy input, such as batteries, electricity, heat, USB stick, etc., without requiring any maintenance or cleaning compared to other diffusers on the market. It diffuses efficiently to the ambient air. Since there is no mechanical system, the risks of operational failure are zero.

Instructions for use/load the diffuser on first use

When the lid is removed, pour about 8 to 10 ml of essential oil evenly on top (a little more than half of 15 bottle), starting at the perimeter and continue in a spiral motion towards the center. Then, the diffusion will be done in a slow and continuous way.

Later uses

After a certain period of use, add a few drops of essential oil on top of the surface to reactivate the intensity, depending on the desired level. When not in use, it is important to replace the lid, to maintain its ability to defuse the following times, this way it is always ready for the next use.


This diffuser is simple to use. Open and place it near you in the personal environment of your choice to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils it diffuses. In a closed in space without a draft (ex: a room), it will diffuse throughout the space.


In addition to being maintenance free and diffusing in the ambient air, it is compact and light, with no liquid flow of oils. It can be easily transported anywhere!

Made in Canada.

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