Jr watkins - petro carbo first aid salve 124g

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Watkins | Petro-Carbo Salve

Relied upon for generations, Petro-Carbo Salve is still a staple for every home medicine cabinet and first-aid kit. Its active ingredient is phenol (carbolic acid), but it derives other benefits and its unique aroma from botanicals such as camphor, oil of spruce and the tea tree relative, cajeput.

What does Petro-Carbo Salve do?

This versatile product is safe and effective for relieving pain and itching associated with:

  • minor cuts
  • burns
  • skin irritations
  • scrapes
  • insect bites

Who should use Petro-Carbo Salve?

Petro-Carbo Salve is recommended to everyone for small injuries purposes.

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