Boldocynara | Digestion Liver With Milk thistle
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A.Vogel Boldocynara Digestion - Liver Cleanse. This liver cleanse formula is a combination of Artichoke, Milk thistle, Boldo and Dandelion. A.Vogel Boldocynara is valuable when fat digestion is a problem. Improves digestion by increasing bile secretion. Fresh organic Artichoke, Milk Thistle, Boldo & Dandelion mother tinctures. Improves digestion. Organic cultivation certified by Bio Suisse.

Boldocynara Milk Thistle by A. Vogel

The well-known effects of artichoke on the liver are probably due to its content of phenolic acids (chlorogenic, caffeic and cynarin) in sesquiterpenes and flavonoids (scolymoside, cynaroside and luteolin).

What does Boldocynara do?

Artichoke extract relieves dyspepsia by stimulating the production and excretion of bile (choleretic and cholagogue effect). Artichoke is also effective against high cholesterol. A bit like milk thistle, artichoke has hepatoprotective properties very interesting thanks to the antioxidant effects of the flavonoids. This hepatoprotective effect demonstrated against an industrial solvent, carbon tetrachloride. Traditionally, the artichoke is used as an appetizer, depurative and diuretic. 

Who should use Boldocynara?

People dealing with liver issues might profit from this product.


Fresh Artichoke leaf (Cynara scolymus) (1:30) 0.467 mL equivalent to 14 mg leaf, Milk Thistle fruit (Silybum marianum) (1:2) 0.319 mL equivalent to 150 mg fruit, Fresh Dandelion root & herb (Taraxacum off.) (1:17) 0.12 mL equivalent to 6 mg root and herb, Boldo leaf (Peumus boldus) (1:10) 0.07 mL equivalent to 6 mg leaf.

Fresh Peppermint herb* (Mentha piperita) tincture (1:2) 0.03 mL.

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