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Immune Support with Reishi by AOR Product Description

What is Immune Support with reishi by AOR?

Immune Support from AOR contains a carefully selected combination of herbal extracts and minerals designed to optimize immune function, including the patented and clinically tested Natramune blend consisting of mushrooms and botanical extracts.

What does Immune Support do?

Immune Support provides protection against colds, flus and other infections and helps reduce the severity and duration of symptoms while boosting the immune system. The mushrooms and other botanical extracts in Natramune help to increase immune cell activity. Andrographis possesses anti-inflammatory, fever reducing, anti-viral, anti-malaria, and immune system stimulating properties. Amla and holy basil are traditional Ayurvedic herbs that have antimicrobial and immune boosting activity. Zinc is vital to immune cell function, and copper balances zinc because excess zinc causes copper deficiency.

Who should take Immune Support?

Anyone who is prone to seasonal illnesses, has frequent infections, a weakened immune system or who wants to improve their immune system function can benefit from Immune Support.

  • Optimizes immune capacity to help prevent infection;
  • Helps to reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu;
  • A comprehensive formula containing clinically proven herbs and minerals.

Ingredients (2 capsules)

  • Medicinal: Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum10:1): 125 mg, Andrographis paniculata extract (8-15:1, 33% andrographolides): 30 mg, Emblica officinalis (5:1): 100 mg, NatramuneTM*(previously ImmuNutrin): 1000 mcg, Zinc (citrate): 700 cmg, Copper (citrate): 100 mcg.
  • Non-medicinal: Silicon dioxide, maltodextrin, hypromellose (capsule). *Natramune™ is a trademark of Innovation Labs and is a proprietary formula containing reishi mushroom, rice bran, olive leaf, barley, Chinese yam and water yam.
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