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AOR Zymes is formulated with porcine derived pancreatic enzymes because they are more similar to human pancreatic enzymes and are far more effective for the digestion of problematic food than plant-derived enzymes. AOR Zymes helps reduce gas and bloating following a meal rich in carbohydrates such as vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

AOR Zymes 100 capsules

AOR Zymes™ contains porcine pancreatic enzymes. Enzyme is as essential to life as food and water, yet this remains one of the most underappreciated facts in the entire field of clinical nutrition. Directly speaking, they are the catalysts that involve the breakdown of food into nutrients and other particles that are absorbed by (or excreted from) our bodies. AOR Zymes™ contains proteases to digest proteins, alpha amylase to digest starches, lipase to digest fats and alpha galactosidase for hard-to-digest polysaccharides found in legumes that can cause gas and bloat.

What Does AOR Zymes Do?

Primary Uses

Enzyme supplementation promotes the health of the digestive organs by facilitating digestion itself. It increases the efficiency of the digestive process by alleviating some of the burdens from the digestive organs and improving nutrient absorption. Since the body cannot access nutrients in undigested food, the more food particles can be broken down, the more nutrients are made accessible to the body for absorption. Also, the poor breakdown of food particles is thought to contribute to various digestive diseases. Of course, malnutrition will also result in disease.

Secondary Uses

Enzymes also appear to possess anti-inflammatory effects and may quicken tissue repair and recovery. Enzymes are often recommended to be taken on an empty stomach to achieve these goals.

Who Should Take AOR Zymes?

AOR Zymes™ can benefit those who wish to support their digestive system, improve overall health and energy, or to reduce digestive complications and uncomfortable digestive symptoms. Both the healthy and unwell can benefit from enzyme supplementation. Athletes may benefit from protease supplementation to support tissue repair.

Serving size

Porcine pancreatic enzymes:166 mg

- Amylase:. 20,750 USP units
- Lipase1,660 USP units
- Protease: 20,750 USP units
- Alpha Galactosidase: 350 mg

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