Electro Vita Min
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Electro Vita Min

Electro-Vita-Min is a complete supplement of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and other natural nutrients. Minerals and trace elements allow better assimilation of vitamins and other nutrients. Vegetable enzymes increase the bioavailability of nutrients; They also replace the enzymes present in raw foods but destroyed by cooking.
Electro-Vita-Min is advised in case of fatigue, food imbalance, flu, cold or convalescence, as well as to maintain good health.
C - 20 mg (ascorbic acid);
Choline (B7) - 7 mg (bitartrate);
B3 - 6 mg (niacin) (nicotinic acid);
E - 5 mg AT (7.5 IU) (soybeans);
Pantothenic acid (B5) - 3 mg (D-pantothenic acid);
Inositol - 2 mg;
B6 - 0.6 mg (pyridoxine hydrochloride);
B2 - 0.51 mg (riboflavin);
B1 - 450 μg (thiamine hydrochloride);
A - 286 μg RAE (833 IU) (palmitate);
Beta-carotene (A) - 131 μg RAE (473 IU) (dunaliella salina);
Biotin (B8) - 90.2 μg (biotin);
B9 - 66.7 μg (folate) (folic acid);
B12 - 2.1 μg (cyanocobalamin);
D3 - 1.67 μg (66.7 IU) (lanolin).
Calcium - 167 mg (carbonate);
Potassium - 46.7 mg (chloride and citrate);
Selenium - 11.7 mg (PVH chelate (rice));
Zinc - 4.2 mg (citrate and succinate);
Iron - 3.3 mg (ferrous fumarate and HPV chelate (rice));
Manganese - 0.68 mg (PVH chelate (rice));
Copper - 330 μg (gluconate);
Chromium - 21.6 μg (PVH chelate (rice)).
Para-aminobenzoic acid; Stearic acid; amylase; Ascophyllum nodosum; bioflavonoids; bromelain; Carnauba; cellulase; Cellulose; Cherry; Chlorella vulgaris; Chlorophyll; Wild rose extract; Gaultheria procumbens; Glycerine; Organic wheat grass; hypromellose; lipase; Alfalfa; Magnesium stearate; Magnesium chloride; Mentha Spicata; Mentha x piperita; papain; Patience; protease; 2-Propanol; Spirulina.
Take 2 to 6 tablets daily with meals. Take with food a few hours before or after taking other medicines.
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