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Multi Glyco


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For glucose tolerance.

Multi Glyco by Genestra Product Description

What is Multi Glyco by Genestra?

Multi Glyco combines chromium polynicotinate, synergistic vitamins, minerals and herbs along with glandular tissues, specifically selected for their ability to support proper glucose metabolism. Studies show that proper glucose metabolism is critical in the maintenance of health.When glucose, the primary fuel for the brain, is abnormally low, the brain feels the effects first which, in turn, leads to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, mental confusion, blurred vision and excessive sweating.

What does Multi Glyco do?

Multi Glyco is indicated for symptoms associated with glucose dysfunction, including insulin deficiencies, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, diabetes, poor lipid and protein metabolism; and for stress-related conditions, such as irritability, mood swings, anxiety, nervousness, headaches, fatigue and weight gain.

Who should use Multi Glyco?

This product is excellent for people who suffer from problems related to sugar intolerance.

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