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Omega3+ Joy
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Genuine Health - omega3+ Joy

Genuine Health - Omega3+ Joy - Product description

What is Omega3+ Joy?

Inspired by cutting-edge research and developed in collaboration with a naturopathic doctor, omega3 + joy was one of the first natural formulas for mood support available in North America.

What does Omega3+ Joy do?

03mega + Joy help;

  • Improved mood and state of mind brighter.

  • The attenuation of the symptoms of SAD.

  • The reduction of inflammation, including joints, and improve mobility.

  • No fishy taste pure and natural ingredients, or reflux, or smell.

  • Enjoy the joy of living with all natural omega3 + Joy!

Its unique formula contains a concentrated EPA, an essential fatty acid Omega-3 which is clinically proven effectiveness when it comes to help improve the state of mind, including the fight against seasonal depression as well as reduce inflammation naturally. In addition, the enteric coating single idSystemMC ensures maximum absorption without reflux fishy taste or smell.

Who should Omega3+ Joy?

O3mega+ Joy is recommended to people with depression symptoms in need of a little help to balance their mood.

Medicinals ingredients;

  • Rich in EPA fish oil concentrate 1000 mg enteric-coated ™ ID System

  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 500mg,

  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 25mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

  • gelatin

  • glycerin,

  • water purified

  • the aqueous coating solution,

  • natural vitamin E


1 caps daily

For a healthy and natural way to improve your mood by getting an incomparable source of essential fatty acids, take omega3 + joy every day.


If you have prescribed medication, consult a health professional.

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