Venovar with Common Yarrow by Holizen Product description:

What is Venovar with common yarrow by Holizen?

Venovar activates the return of blood flow and protects vein walls.

What does Venovar do?

A clearing and diuretic plant combination for the vein system to improve inflammatory and painful states by activating the return blood flow. Common yarrow is an anti-inflammatory and coagulant agent that soothes pain. It tones lax or damaged veins. Butcher's broom soothes heavy legs with oedema (swell), stimulates blood circulation and fights the formation of varicose veins and haemorrhoids. Horse-chestnut is an anti-inflammatory, it prevents the slacking of veins and reduces capillary permeability and increases resistance. Witch hazel improves lymph flow, eases resorption of oedema and favours circulation by improving the elasticity of blood vessels. Red vine, through its components, strengthens and protects the veins and fights vein insufficiency and its consequences (heavy legs and varicose veins).

Who should use Venovar?

People having blood flow/circulation issues, especially in the legs, could benefit Venovar's ingredients since it activates blood flow and protects vein walls.

  • Activates blood circulation;
  • Protects blood vessels;
  • Reduces inflammatory and hurtful states.


  • Medicinal: 50mg of common yarrow (flower ext.4:1 equivalent to 200mg of achillea millefolium), 40mg of butcher's broom (rhizomes, ext.4:1 equivalent to 160mg of ruscus aculeatus), 40mg of horse chestnut (seeds, standardized extract of aesculus hippocastanum at 20% of aescine), 40mg of witch hazel (leaves, ext.4:1 equivalent to 160mg of hamamelis virginiana), 60mg of red vine (fruits, equivalent to 240mg of vitis vinifera).

  • Non-medicinal: Vegetable capsule, magnesium stearate.
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