Ion-Mag is a marine magnesium with the full spectrum of minerals and trace minerals for a better absorption. Magnesium is the mineral that the body needs the most. It’s the indispensable element to be able to breathe better, think better, function better. It is indicated in cases of  :

  • Pregnancy
  • fatigue
  • Exams period
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Spasms
  • Physical or intellectual efforts
  • convalescence
  • Sleeping problems
  • cramps
  • and more…

Our life style, stress, pollution, our nutrition make it that we need to supplement ourselves more and more with magnesium. Following the difIronent studies published in the health magazines, the stores are overflowing with magnesium supplements of all kinds, so it is difficult to know which one to choose.

What are the facts: to be assimilated and used at the body cells level, the minerals that we take in our food or in the supplements, must be digested and metabolized to be transformed in an ionic form. The ionic form represents what we call the electrolyte that circulates in our plasma blood. Furthermore, each mineral cannot be well assimilated if not accompanied by other minerals.

In the case of magnesium, for example, to be well assimilated it needs: potassium, zinc, manganese, calcium, phosphorous and chromium. That is important for the good assimilation of magnesium but also to be able to eliminate what the system will not be using, to avoid the deposit in the tissues. It is valid for magnesium and also for the other minerals for example, calcium. The assimilation is important but the elimination is as important.

With Ion-Mag, you have magnesium in an ionic and balanced form, because it contains the full spectrum of trace minerals, all in ionic form and in a similar proportion to the human plasma. The magnesium assimilation in Ion-Mag is immediate and the body will only take what it needs.

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