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Multi Basics 3TM is formulated to deliver the most fundamental nutrients in their best forms in the fewest capsules possible. Multi Basics 3TM includes all recognized essential nutrients and delivers them in superior forms, such as the inclusion of the complete E complex, Se methylselenocysteine, and Menatetrenone.

 A balanced and well-designed multi-vitamin is fundamental to any supplement regime. Indeed, multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formulations are an excellent way to meet the daily requirements of all essential nutrients. Unfortunately, poorly designed multi's plague the unaware consumer, often causing more harm than good by adding excessive amounts of certain nutrients in forms that are not absorbed, leading to nutritional imbalances.

We know that diets high in fruits and vegetables prevent disease and increase lifespan. The reason is simple. The more nutrient-dense a diet is, the more beneficial it becomes. Quite simply, a diet that provides more nutrients for the same amount of energy is associated with more health benefits and supports a longer, healthier life. A well-formulated multi-vitamin supplement should therefore be a highly condensed version of an optimal diet. Unfortunately, most products on the market fall short of this goal.

The science behind AOR's multi-vitamin formulations insures the safety and efficacy of our products. Multi Basics 3TM is the incarnation of this objective and features:

• 500 IU of preformed Vitamin A, because more is not better” with “Less than 500 IU of preformed Vitamin A. Too much Vitamin A has a negative impact on bones. Animal studies have shown that Retinoic Acid (preformed Vitamin A) suppresses the proliferation and differentiation of preosteoblastic cells. Osteoblastic cells promote bone formation, which explains why studies have shown that intakes of 5000 IU and 6600 IU of preformed Vitamin A roughly double the risk of a fracture.

• Reasonable amounts of Beta-Carotene, because too much Beta-Carotene is not good either. Beta-Carotene is safer than preformed Vitamin A but too much is clearly harmful. Animals given superdoses of Beta-Carotene (similar to doses found in several supplements) displayed signs of disturbances in the body's ability to detoxify carcinogens and showed activation of several pro-cancer genes resulting in an increased incidence of precancerous lung lesions. Beta-Carotene supplementation should reflect the quantities of the vitamin found in optimal diets - that is to say 6.8 to 11.4 mg of beta-carotene per day.

• Moderate amounts of Manganese. Another case of zealous supplementation causing harm occurs with Manganese. The current evidence, although irresolute, suggests that excess manganese can lead to neurological damage. Indeed, individuals with higher manganese intakes are approximately 70% more likely to end up with Parkinson's disease.

• Balanced Zinc-to-Copper ratios. Getting too much of either of these nutrients creates a functional deficiency in the other. It is therefore essential that supplementation provide a harmonious amount of each mineral. Unfortunately, many formulas contain potentially harmful Zinc-to-Copper ratios. Animal and human evidence suggests that an adequate Zinc-to-Copper ratio should be of about ten to one. Studies using a 23.5 to 1 ratio led to reductions in levels of copper-based antioxidants, increased total and LDL cholesterol and caused abnormalities in cardiac function.

• From vitamin B1 for the metabolism of carbs to vitamin B12 for fatigue, Multi Basics 3TM contains a balanced ratio of B vitamins. The old expression that vitamins create expensive urine holds true for the all too common multivitamin formulas which contain an across-the-board 50mg of B vitamins. Multi Basics 3TM contains a ratio of B vitamins based on an extensive review of published research to provide you with a balanced approach to both the safety and efficacy of B vitamin supplementation.

• AORTM was the first in the world to provide all 8 forms of vitamin E in a multi-vitamin formula (Ortho-CoreTM), multivitamin powder (Essential MixTM), and now in Multi Basics 3TM. All other multivitamin formulas currently available contain only Alpha Tocopherol which has been shown in clinical trials to deplete the body of gamma tocopherol, the most important form of vitamin E for cardiovascular health. It can take up to two years to restore the body's natural balance of gamma tocopherol after chronic use of alpha tocopherol supplementation has stopped. Multi Basics 3 provides all 8 forms of vitamin E to ensure you get the maximum benefits and safety from supplementing with a multivitamin.

• Superior Selenium, Selenomethionine, the most effective cancer-fighting form of selenium available. Specific foods that are well known for having cancer protective effects contain selenium in the Selenomethionine form.

• Menatetrenone, as Vitamin K2 is the form of vitamin K the body produces and utilizes. Menatetrenone is more effective than its plant-extracted counterpart (Vitamin K1) and supports superior skeletal, brain and cardiovascular benefits.

• Calcium citrate-malate, with a greater bioavailability than other vegetarian forms of calcium.

• Minerals such as boron, silicon and vanadium, with health benefits suggesting they may be as important as other minerals recognized as "essential".

• Phytochemicals, because there is a lot more than vitamins and essential minerals in a healthy diet. Phytochemicals are biologically active substances found in plants. Several thousand phytochemicals have been identified so far. The advantages of phytochemicals are impressive; they reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and degenerative diseases. Multi Basics 3TM contains phytochemicals specific to food products with well-documented health benefits such as the garlic family and cruciferous vegetables. Such nutrients include alpha-carotene, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, lutein, mixed carotenoids, quercetin and mixed citrus bioflavonoids.

• Choline and inositol - two key cellular phospholipids found in the lipid bylayer of cell membranes. Choline is an essential nutrient that is required for normal cellular structure and function. Inositol is important for cellular defenses and exhibits anti-cancer potential. Inositol hexanicotinate, also found in Multi Basics 3TM, has a cholesterol-lowering effect.

Multi Basics 3TM avoids the pitfalls of improper formulations; excessive and harmful amounts are shunned, balanced vitamin complexes in amounts that reflect biological needs are used, and superior forms that are assimilated more efficiently. Most importantly, Multi Basic 3TM provides nutrients in amounts that reflect the quantities found in optimal diets which have been shown to positively impact health.

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