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Multi Enzyme High Potency Full Spectrum


60 |120 capsules

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Natural Factors | Multi Enzymes

Natural Factors | Multi Enzymes - Product description 

What is Multi Enzymes by Natural Factors?

This unique vegetarian formula works much like pancreatic enzymes and helps with protein, carbohydrate, and fat digestion. Enzymes are molecules that speed up chemical reactions.

What does Multi Enzymes do?

This is extremely important in a vast number of body functions and is absolutely essential for healthy, comfortable digestion of food. The potency and strength of Multi Enzyme are given by stating the actual level of enzyme activity rather than the mg amount of the enzyme source, thereby ensuring the highest potency, quality control, and effectiveness.

Who should use Multi enzymes? 

Bloating, heartburn and other signs of poor digestion plague many people. People take these digestive enzymes just before a meal to assist the digestive process. They work in the stomach and intestines to break down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. When taken on an empty stomach, enzymes can act as potent anti-inflammatory and can help with weight management.


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