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Wild Oregano C93
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powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal agent with an extra-mild taste

New Roots | Wild Oregano C93 product description:

What is Wild Oregano C93 by New Roots?

Who says it has to taste bad to work?The high purity of the Origanum  minutiflorum  species reduces the bitter, harsh taste common to other species of oregano. Plus, Wild Oregano C93 is blended with premium, cold-pressed, extra virgin, certified organic olive oil to offer a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal agent with an extra-mild taste.Highest was naturally occurring carvacrol to volatile oil content available: 93.14%The quality of oregano oil is based on its species and carvacrol content. Wild Oregano C93 contains the rare species Origanum  minutiflorum , which boasts the highest naturally occurring carvacrol concentration of total volatile oils when compared to other oregano oils available: 93.14%. This species of oregano cannot be cultivated or claimed as organically grown as it will only grow at elevations over 1500 meters in the wild.Recent studies have shown that oregano oil with a high concentration of carvacrol equals the effectiveness of antibiotics without any side effects.The science behind Wild Oregano C93The species Origanum  minutiflorum  grows in the higher altitudes of the Mediterranean mountains. The natural carvacrol content has been demonstrated by scientific research carried out by Anadolu University, at the department of pharmacology and by Ankara University, it was further verified to be naturally occurring without the use of any synthetic chemicals or solvents. There are over 21 species of Origanum growing wild in the Mediterranean alone, and the altitude of where they grow can determine their carvacrol content.Olympic Testing StandardsAt New Roots Herbal, we have access to the same laboratory equipment (brand and model) that is used for drug testing on Olympic athletes. Montreal hosts the headquarters for Olympic drug testing and their lab confirms and/or verifies any disputes that may arise in these sporting events. Our sensitive, high technology instruments have a greater sensitivity than older scientific testing equipment. With these sophisticated instruments, we achieve the most precise test results possible. Our lab is able to identify and validate oregano species and their carvacrol content.Research has identified carvacrol as the key ingredient behind oregano oil’s extraordinary properties.With its many therapeutic uses.

What does Wild Oregano C93 do?

Imported directly from the Mediterranean, steam distilled, hand-picked and chemical-free; Wild Oregano C93 is an effective nutritional supplement for colds, flu, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Who should use Wild Oregano C93?

Wild Oregano C93 can be used internally and externally to fight numerous health conditions such as colds and flu, candidiasis, allergies, bladder infections, strep throat, canker sores, parasites, bronchitis, cold sores, toothaches, gum disease, warts, bacteria and viruses, dandruff, ringworm, insect bites, athlete’s foot and acne.

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