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Nitric oxide (NO) is small molecule with big effects; it is hard at work in your body to keep your cells and organs functioning properly. Until recently, the only known method of increasing NO levels was to take supplemental L-Arginine. However, this route is not ideal. Not only does it require very high doses of L-arginine, it is also inefficient, especially when oxygen levels are low, like during exercise or when the heart is overly stressed in both healthy and diseased conditions.


The good news is that science has found the answer! There is another pathway to increasing NO levels. The NOx3,2,1 pathway. This pathway converts dietary nitrates into nitric oxide quickly, efficiently and under all conditions! The NOx3,2,1 family of products from Axioma harnesses the power of this revolutionary pathway; combining dietary nitrates with synergistic ingredients to meet a variety of health needs.


Nitrates have received some bad press in the past, but the truth is that they are a safe and healthy part of your diet. In fact, some of the healthiest foods including spinach, kale and beetroot contain very high levels of nitrates! Even more importantly, the high nitrate content of these foods is part of what makes them so good for you. In fact various researchers suggest that nitrates are probably responsible for the health benefits associated with Mediterranean and Japanese diets! Recent population and toxicological studies have shown that nitrates are important nutrients with significant health benefits and without the negative effects.

The NOx family of products takes the health benefits of these foods to a whole new level; providing a dietary nitrate top-up in combination with other proven ingredients, all in convenient easy to take capsule.


Amount: 1 Lonzenge
50 mg Vitamin C
Non-medicinal ingredients: Fruit and vegetable juice powders (red beetroot, red raspberry, blueberry, bilberry), potassium nitrate (providing 25 mg nitrate), mannose, xanthan gum, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, maltodextrin, thaumatin, sodium stearyl fuma
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