Nutricap for Men Hair And Nails

40 capsules

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Stimulates hair metabolism, decreases oiliness (seborrhoea) and dandruff. Plus it fosters hair growth to prevent further hair loss.

Nutricap Men with Thiamine by NutriSanté

Originally hereditary or hormonal hair loss male pattern has a particular area. Beginning at the forehead or on top of the head, it then leaves the area between these two points.

What does Multi Glyco do?

  • Helps to strength hair and nails;
  • Helps growth and development;
  • Contributes to support the integumentary system (hair, nails, skin);
  • Silicon intervenes in collagen formation - helps to contribute to hair and skin health.

Who should use Multi Glyco?

This product is excellent for people who suffer from problems related to hair loss.

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