Oil of Oregano, Certified Organic

Origanum minutiflorum
Oregano essential oil diluted 1:3 in carrier
For Topical Use

The award-winning Canadian Oil of Oregano product, containing Wild Mediterranean Origanum Minutiflorum, a rare and potent species found in the alpine regions of Turkey. Our wild oregano is certified organic by Ecocert, and steam‐distilled using traditional methods. The oil is then blended 1:3 in certified organic extra-virgin olive oil.

Every batch of our oregano oil is laboratory tested in Canada and guaranteed to contain 75-85% Carvacrol, which is the primary active ingredient responsible for many, but not all, of Oil of Oregano’s benefits. A completely natural, non-standardized product.


  • Traditionally used topically to heal wounds and insect bites, relieve pain of rheumatism, heal skin disorders such as psoriasis and fungal infections, and to relieve itching.

Recommended Use:

Topical: Apply liquid as needed to the affected areas.

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