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Pomi-T helps prevent prostate inflammation and prostate cancer. It contains high-quality ingredients naturally rich in polyphenols from carefully studied suppliers. Pomi T is a combination of broccoli, turmeric, green tea and pomegranate that creates a unique and varied blend of polyphenols. All ingredients are of the highest quality because they been tested in laboratories to ensure purity. There are no preservatives, colors or flavors.

Pomi-T with Polyphenol

Prostate Cancer is the second most common cancer in North America. This year only, 233 000 Americans will be diagnosed with Prostate cancer, and 29 000 of them will die. 


PSA & Prostate Cancer

Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) is a serine protease produced at high concentrations by normal and malignant prostatic epithelium.

PSA is considered an important and representative biomarker of prostate health.

PSA is released into a man's blood by his prostate gland.

  Healthy men have a low amount of PSA in the blood.

  PSA may increase due to inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

  If PSA levels four during cancer, cancer may be growing or spreading

  In case the prostate gland has been removed, an increase in PSA level may mean the cancer has returned or has spread.

More information about prostate cancer

What is Pomi T with Polyphenol?

Pomi-T has a broad range of plant polyphenols found naturally within 4 whole foods, purified then squeezed into a pill for a convenient way to boost your daily intake.

A unique blend of pomegranate seed, green tea, broccoli and turmeric selected to be taken twice a day as part of a healthy well-balanced lifestyle.


Quality  control

Manufacturing Standards



What are Polyphenols?

A chemical compound naturally found in plants, responsible for the color, taste, and aroma of the food. Under the category of phytochemicals, they have several health benefits and they are all powerful antioxydants that protect your DNA from environmental and cancerous oxidation.

Importance of Polyphenols?

Diets deificent in polyphenols and other natural plant-based phytochemicals have been linked with higher risks of cancer; particularly breast, pancreas, ovary, skin, prostate, bowel and esophagus.

Demonstrated biological effects (both in vitro and in vivo), including anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-carcinogenesis, anti-inflammation, anti-neurodegeneration, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-diabetic, anti-obesity, anti-allergic and hepato- and gastroprotective effects.

They have also demonstrated the ability to enhance cardiovascular health and endothelial function.

Polyphenols can induce apoptosis of tumor cells and, therefore, reduce growth of tumors.


Rich in isothiocyanate and sulforaphan metabolite which inhibits and causes apoptosis of cancer cells and increases the number of genes related to cancer suppression.


Curcumin is the yellow color of the turmeric, and it slows down prostate cancer cells, accelerates apoptosis and reduces invasion of migratory cells.

Also, curcumin inhibits the activity of tyrosine kinase and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory.


Rich in ellagic acid that inhibits the proliferation of adhesion cells (cancer) in the breasts or in the prostate.

Green tea

Rich in Galatea epigallocatechin which reduces the growth factors of cancer cells, very good for prostate cancer.

What does Pomi-T with Polyphenol do?

POMI T is an antioxidant that helps to reduce prostate inflammation. It also helps your immune system and your overall energy. 

Pomi-T was designed by a team of health experts after an extensive review of the international laboratory and clinical scientific literature.

They combined foods from different categories (fruit, vegetable, spice, and leaf) to provide a range of polyphenols, each with their unique properties, while at the same time avoiding over-consumption of one particular type.


The product has been tested in one of the most robust scientific trials

203 men between 53 to 89 years old with prostate cancer, participated and received either Pomi-T or Placebo for ten months.

The results?

A drastic 63.8% decrease in the prostate cancer of men who consumed Pomi-T for ten months.


Who should take Pomi T with Polyphenol?

Pomi-T is often used for its antioxidant proprieties, and it can also be used as a natural daily energizer.

This product may be useful for a prostate cancer patient and people who need to boost their immune system. Pomi-T was not classed as a medicinal product but was tested in the national government-backed robust scientific trial. This Polyphenol supplement combines food from distinct food categories (berry, vegetable, spice leaf) providing a wide spectrum of polyphenols, each with their own unique properties working together for greater effect, whilst at the same time, avoiding over-consumption of one particular type.

 Prostate cancer;

 Macular degeneration;

 Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and any other type of inflammation diseases;

Breast cancer;

Skin aging;

 Any person who doesn't have enough Polyphenol in his diet




Is Pomi-T for real? I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was advised that active surveillance was a good option at present. My PSA has dropped by 30% – how long do you think this will last.



Hi I have read about your trial for Pomi T for prostate cancer. My mum has been stage 4 breast since 2012 and has been taking Pomi T and has significantly improved as a result.



I have taken Pomi-T for nearly three months, originally after seeing it on TV as a possible treatment for prostate cancer and I thought it may be a sensible insurance as I am now in the at risk age group. What I have noticed is a great improvement in an arthritic knee condition such that I will avoid a total knee replacement for the foreseeable future, along with this tendons have lengthened enabling better knee flexion. I can touch my toes easily for the first time in years. My Specialist believes that the turmeric has relieved inflammation, as I am allergic to conventional anti- inflammatories this is a great benefit. I have recommended POMI-T to some friends who have played sports in their younger years have similar issues with joints.

Mr. T Bromley         


I was was half way across the USA on the last leg of my round the World Solo bike ride and doing well until I developed a niggling knee pain. I was sent some Pomi-T and start taking it. Within two days my knee improved and I able to complete the trip (18,000 miles in 200 days) – I took no other medication so feel it was a guenuine effect of the pomi-t

Tom Davies (Youngest round the world Solo cyclist)           


After watching the TV program featuring Pomi – T some months back I thought I would give it a go, simply to help get rid of free radicals. After taking it for a short while I noticed that I no longer had ANY hot flushes. I racked my brain trying to work out why this had happened as I hadn’t taken any prescribed medication for this. The only change I had made was taking Pomi-T twice daily. I was amazed and thought I would stop them and see what happened. Within a day or two, the flushes came back, oh boy! I started the Pomi-T immediately, and within two days they had completely stopped again. I have taken them now for six months and have not had a single flush. I would never at the outset thought for one moment this would have happened. I cannot thank you enough, flushes are debilitating and this truly has transformed my life.

SY - UK             


Having seen the programme about Pomi T I was encouraged to try it for my arthritis. I am not able to take conventional anti inflammatories and also have psoriasis which may be linked. Since taking Pomi T I have seen significant improvement in both and would be interested in taking part in any trials for arthritis that you run. My flexibility has improved as have my energy levels. It is great to have improved mobility and pain reduction, and I have recommended your product to friends who have joint problems.

NW – UK          


Hi Pomi-T,
Just wanted to share some good news with you!
Having had regular twice-yearly PSA blood tests for my prostate, like many other over 40 something’s, I had tried quite a few different holistic approaches to stop my PSA score from rising… From a starting point of 3.38, my PSA increased to 3.8. In March this year I started to use Pomi-T. In October, I had my latest PSA test and my score reduced to 3.2!!!
Whoop whoop!!!!

Mr P Fowler         


I was diagnosed with a low grade prostate cancer in September 2011 and after doing an amount of literature research decided against any medical intervention but instead change my diet and to some extent lifestyle and proceed with active surveillance. I eat lots of fresh vegetables and have cut down on meat, dairy, processed food and products with refined sugar. Included every day was raw broccoli and tomato juice. After 2 years the Drs we unable to detect any cancer but we’re sceptical about the diet.

I started taking pomi-t about a year ago as an additional supplement. After my most recent check up they have declared the tumour benign and have stated they cannot detect any cancer.

I was also diagnosed with arthritis in my toe joints some time before 2010 which was interfering with dancing. I was prescribed anti inflammatory tablets which assisted. Since having started with the pomi-t capsules I now dance modern jive 4 times a week for 3 hours a time and do not need any anti inflammatory treatment at all.

A double win!

John, UK


We heard a story from a customer recently. He took Pomi-T for a month or two and his PSA numbers dropped…he was thrilled because he didn’t want to do any of the other lifestyle changes. His doctor was curious and learned about Pomi-T through this guy.

After this guy’s numbers dropped, he stopped taking Pomi-T. He went back after a month or two for his routine testing, and his numbers were right back where they started. The doctor asked him what happened. The guy had stopped taking Pomi-T as he thought that he was “cured.”

The doctor told him to go call the company that sold him the Pomi-T, buy some more, and don’t ever stop taking it.



My friend in Torrevieja, tells me his PSA value is now down to 10.5 from 16 and falling since taking Pomi-T and is passing water better. A significant part of my self help has been my positive attitude and my diet. I was therefore very interested in Professor Thomas’s research into diet (article in the Sunday Telegraph). Most of the medical profession I have been dealing with have been dismissive about diet but I have persevered and green tea, broccoli and to a lesser extent pomegranate have been a major part of my intake. By coincidence, I work in the tea business and have access to many varieties of green tea. It was inspirational for me to read the article and find a leading professor who not only had a positive attitude to diet but also more importantly had positive results from actual trials.



I am one of about 10% – 20% of known to me users of Pomi-t who is enjoying (professionally recorded) at first 50%, AND then steady 19% decrease of PSA after radical prostactomy.   My  PSA of 1.2 is now dropping steadily to PSA of .4 in 6 month). (Should be zero after a successful operation). When asked does this motivate me to continue taking Pomi-t – That does not even start to describe it!

THANK YOU! STAY IN BUISNESS, PLEASE!                              

 Paul Geiman (New York)


A quick note to let you know of my results after six months of Pomi-T supplement. For 30 months post prostatectomy my PSA was doubling every 4/5 months. The past six months whilst taking Pomi-T it has only increased by 30%. I am encouraged by these results. 30% Is much better than 100%.

BW – Australia            

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 V-cap
Servings per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Broccoli powder (brassica oleracea) (bouquets and stems)300 mg
Curcuma powder (Curcuma longa) (root)300 mg
Pomegranate powder (Punica granatum L) (whole fruit)300 mg
Green tea extract (camellia sinensis) (leaf) 5:160 mg
*Daily value not established

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