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Product description

Valuable herbal extracts and minerals in diluted, rhythmized form give Dr.Hauschka Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive a skin-strengthening effect. This conditioner soothes sensitive skin and gently eases away redness. The strengthening effect of this intensive care product on the blood vessels benefits skin tending towards telangiectasia ("broken veins"). Fortified and robust, the skin recovers its vital and healthy radiance.

For skin with "broken veins", press in gently Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive to the affected areas in the morning and evening after cleansing with warm water. Otherwise, use in the same way as Rhythmic Night Conditioner. It should be used between one and three months.


Ingredients: Aqua, Parfum, Borago Officinalis Extract1, Chamomilla Recutita Extract1, Rosa Canina Extract1, Artemisia Abrotanum Extract1, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract1, Veronica Officinalis Extract1, Quercus Robur Extract1, Pearl Powder1, Malachite1, Sodium Chloride.

1in rhythmitised dilution


Dr.Hauschka Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive also provides initial relief for sun rashes and sunburn; the itching and unpleasant burning disappear shortly after application.

How to use the Rhythmic Night Conditioner

In keeping with the regenerative cycle of the skin, use the Rhythmic Night Conditioner several times a year for a period of 28 days for oil-free night care, in place of the Dr.Hauschka Facial Toner or Dr.Hauschka Clarifying Toner. As a rule of thumb use one course of ampoule treatment a year for each 10 years of your age, e.g. 3 treatments a year for someone aged 30. Dr.Hauschka Rhythmic Night Conditioners also give added support when switching to oil-free night care or if your skin is easily irritated.

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