Viazen Pharma - Energy - Product description

What is Energy by Viazen?

Energy is a formula of natural supplement that can help to improve your energy.

What does Energy do?

Recommended use

Viazen Energy will be taken on a regular basis at the daily dosage of 1 capsule 2 times a day with food, during one month. The benefits will start to be observed the first days of use, but the optimal results will appear after two weeks.

Viazen Energy is recommended during demanding periods of life: season changing, overwork, intensive sport training, convalescence, hypothyroidism, adrenal glands unbalance, repetitive infections, etc.After a one month treatment, it is recommended to make a therapeutic pause of approximately one week, and then repeat the treatment for another month if necessary.

Anticipated results

  • Relief of physical and mental fatigue

  • Better concentration and alertness

  • Relief of depressive condition

  • Well being state

Who should use Energy?

Viazen Energy was especially developed for women and men who show tiredness or a general fatigue, caused by a professional overwork, by an intensive sport training or following a surgery, a chronic disease and in presence of repetitive infections.

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