Waist Away - Raspberry Ketone & Green Tea - Product Description:

What is Raspberry Ketone & Green Tea?

The raspberry ketone is called a natural phenol content in raspberry and gives the fruit its particular characteristic odor.

Recent scientific studies have recently highlighted the powerful potential fat burner of raspberry ketone.

What does Raspberry Ketone & Green Tea do?

The raspberry ketone helps promote the secretion of adiponectin in our body. Or is the hormone adiponectin protein responsible for the regulation of fatty acids and some sugars in our body. There is, therefore, increasing the adiponectin metabolic level leads to a decrease in body fat as well as braking catabolism of sugar, or glucose.

Also, it has been shown that elevated levels of adiponectin in the body contribute to the fight against type 2 diabetes, linked to many symptoms of weight gain, obesity, atherosclerosis and even certain liver diseases.

These synergistic effects, without any side effects on the body, make the raspberry ketone a natural complement to the potential fat burner and weight loss especially at the waistline, often high in fat.

Who should use Raspberry Ketone & Green Tea?

Raspberry Ketone & Green Tea is a powerful natural fat burner, especially recommended to all those and all those who want to lose weight and eliminate fat regardless of their daily diet.

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