Product Description 

Inflammation is often the root of many acute and chronic illnesses. Zymactive systemic enzyme formula with Serratia peptidase is a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement that can help with a wide variety of ailments including arthritis, digestive issues, sports injuries, herpes zoster (shingles) and, autoimmune disorders.

The strength of Zymactive lies in its unique combination of proteolytic enzymes that break down proteins that cause inflammation and pain. These enzymes, including pancreatin, papain (derived from papaya), bromelain (sourced from pineapple stems), and serratia peptidase exert anti-inflammatory effects that reduce damage to tissues. Serratia peptidase, also known as serrapeptase or "the miracle enzyme", is derived from a bacteria that is found in the intestines of the silkworm. Silkworms use the enzyme to break down their cocoons.

Natural Factors Zymactive systemic enzyme formula with Serratia peptidase is more than twice as potent as other proteolytic enzyme supplements. The tablets are enteric coated to protect the proteolytic enzymes from being destroyed by stomach acid. The tablets are well tolerated and are not associated with any significant or uncomfortable side effects.

Main selling features

  • Systemic enzyme formula
  • With Serratia Peptidase (Peptizyme SP®) silk worm enzyme
  • More powerful, with broader pH stability than chymotrypsin and trypsin
  • Peel-back label has extra information

Medicinal ingredients

Each Tablet Contains:  
Pancreatin 8X* 100 mg
Papain 30,000 USP/mg 60 mg
Peptizyme SP® 200,000 SPU/g (Serratia Peptidase) 26 mg
Bromelain 1,200 MCU/g 25 mg
*8 times more concentrated than USP standard.  
USP (United States Pharmacopeia), SPU (Specialty Peptidase Unit), MCU (Milk-Clotting Unit).  
Enteric coated in a base of cellulose, purified water, croscarmellose sodium and vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant).
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