Oil for Ear Hygiene AURYS

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Oil for Ear Hygiene AURYS

Gently cleans the ear and prevents earwax buildup and hardening.

Relieves irritation and itching of the auditory canal.

Oil entirely made from 100% natural products :

  • Lavender Essential Oil (antiseptic, bactericidal)
  • Cajeput Essential Oil (combats ear pain)

Indispensable companion to the cotton swab. Recommended for children and adults

25 ml bottle with droper.

Instructions for Use

  • Daily cleaning of the ears : Always imbibe the cotton swab with a few drops of Aurys Oil.
  • Before using the candles : Put 2 drops in the auditory canal for emollient effect before applying the candles.
  • If earwax plugs are present : Put 4 or 5 drops of lukewarm Oil into the ear every night. Leave the oil in for 30 minutes. Apply an ear candle. Clean delicately with a cotton swab imbibed with Aurys Oil. Go through the process every day until the plug has been completely removed.

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