Nature: Our reason on Being

Our Story

Win in Health comes from afar. Almost 40 years ago we were just a small store selling bulk products located in the food fair of a shopping center. Since 1983, our passion has not changed: Helping people adopt healthy and natural habits. Even today, we are committed to promoting a minimalist lifestyle and respecting our most precious ressource, Nature.


1983 first win in health store

The adventure begins with the opening of Gagné au Kilo, our first store located at the Promenades de Gatineau food fair in the Outaouais region. We offered a variety of products like bulk and supplements. Gagné au kilo was the first store to offer bulk products in the Outaouais.

1985 selling bulk since 1985

Gagné au Kilo is quickly recognized as a destination of choice because of their bulk products and their wide variety of nutritional and therapeutic supplements.

1992 store owners

Richard and Rachelle Gagné have been advising their clients since the very beginning of their business.

1996 Gagné family at the second store

Following the success of the first store, the Gagné family opened a second store. The expansion of a new boutique contributes to the growth of this small family business. At the time, the store had only five employees.

2000 our 3rd store in construction

Our third store is being built at 224 rue Bellehumeur in Gatineau. The company changes its name and becomes Gagné en Santé.

2002 First win in health web site

The first website is created: The wonderful online adventure begins!

brand evolution timeline

win in health second brand logo
Final logo and brand for win in health