Together, we have been celebrating the best of natural since 1984

Nature: our reason for being

Our commitment to bringing positive change to the society of tomorrow

Since 1984, we have been celebrating the best of natural, bringing generations together around a common vision for a better world.

Valuing the power of nature

For over three decades, our natural products store has been deeply rooted in our community. We never lose sight of our primary passion: helping people adopt healthy and natural lifestyles.

Today, we remain committed to promoting a minimalist lifestyle and preserving our greatest collective asset, nature. With our exclusive range of natural products, we offer a unique experience that will allow you to reconnect with your body and mind in a holistic way.

We firmly believe that health begins with simple and conscious choices, which is why we strive to provide superior quality products that are in harmony with nature. Join us in our mission for a healthier, more natural world where the beauty of life is celebrated every day.

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A family-owned business, a passion passed down

For generations, our family-owned business has been tirelessly working to bring you the most precious treasures of nature. Every year, our social commitment intensifies, reflecting our shared passion for well-being and the preservation of our planet.


Our Mission

Since 1983, our family-owned business has been committed to offering natural alternatives and products based on a holistic and global vision of health. We value a healthy and balanced life in respect of nature, while providing superior quality products to our loyal customer base, which now extends to all corners of the globe. We firmly believe that nature and its preservation are top priorities, and this has always been the driving force of our business since its inception.

We are proud of our dedicated and diverse staff, who come from different cultures, backgrounds, and socioeconomic realities, including those with disabilities. It is thanks to them that we are here today and that our global vision is adapted to the needs of our community. Our commitment to transparency and openness drives us to innovate beyond our areas of expertise and activities.


Our Vision

Nature is at the heart of our communities, bringing individuals together around an ideal of sustainability and environmental respect.

Our commitment to transparency and innovation drives us to explore new horizons in natural medicine, contributing to a healthier, conscious, and environmentally respectful society.

Through natural science, we use renewable raw materials to promote a balanced and harmonious lifestyle with nature.

We invite our customers and all others interested to join us in our mission to preserve nature and promote a healthy and balanced life. Together, we can make a positive difference for the environment and ourselves.

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Personalized service for your health

Our expertise allows us to accompany you in your daily health choices.

In addition to our quality products, our team of experienced naturopaths provides highly personalized and accurate advice to our customers, no matter what their goal may be. We are here to help our clients achieve their full potential in terms of health and well-being.

We are proud to support Canadian natural product manufacturers and to encourage local Quebecois products.

Win in Health believes that quality is paramount.

Canadian natural products are renowned worldwide thanks to the Natural Product Number (NPN) system implemented by Health Canada in 2004. All NPN certified products are subject to strict standards similar to those governing pharmaceutical products.

By choosing certified Canadian natural products with NPN, consumers can trust the quality and effectiveness of the products. In addition, by encouraging local Quebecois products, we support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of foreign products.

At Win in Health, we firmly believe that quality is the key to a healthy and balanced life. That is why we are proud to support Canadian and local natural products, to offer our customers the best possible products.

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Excellent products and incredible service!

Cristina Williams

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Great store, great service, and great products.

Stephen Mathews


I have been ordering for a few years now and always receive exceptional and personalized service.

Genevieve Lafleur


They deliver extremely fast, and on top of that, there is impeccable service. A true little family-owned store.

Marianne Dufour


Excellent product, quality service.

Linda Boivin

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Good service and fast delivery!

Francine Guilbeault


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