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Ideal Protein is a ketogenic weight loss protocol designed by doctors, who view weight loss as a health issue and use food as medicine to help you lose weight and live the healthiest life possible for the rest of your life. Expert guidance from your own personal coach keeps you motivated. Meanwhile, the wide variety of delicious Ideal Protein foods and tons of other fresh, lean, and healthy meals and snacks you can choose from keep you satisfied throughout your journey to your new healthy weight and beyond.


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Ideal Protein
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Ideal Protein Supplements: Boost Your Diet with Essential Nutrients

Ideal Protein supplements are specially designed to support your diet and ensure optimal nutrient intake during your weight loss journey. These supplements include multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other crucial nutrients for optimal health.

Ideal Protein Program in 3 Phases: A Personalized Journey to Your Healthy Weight Goal

The Ideal Protein program is broken down into 3 distinct phases to maximize your weight loss and ensure sustainable maintenance of your new weight.

  1. Weight Loss Phase (Phase 1): Accelerate fat burning with ketosis, a healthy metabolic state where your body draws its energy from fat reserves by limiting carbohydrate intake. Continue this phase until you reach your weight goal or on the recommendation of your coach.
  2. Stabilization Phase (Phase 2): Gradually reintroduce healthy carbohydrates and fats into your diet, while benefiting from personalized macro codes to maintain your healthy weight and effectively manage hunger.
  3. Maintenance Phase (Phase 3): For 12 months after stabilization, enjoy continuous support from your coach and clinic to adopt healthy and sustainable food choices, integrate new nutritional and behavioral strategies, and adjust your macro code to preserve your long-term health.

Where to Find Ideal Protein?

Find Ideal Protein in authorized weight loss centers, such as Win in Health on Boulevard la Gappe in Gatineau or on their website. Win in Health expert advisors will help you determine if Ideal Protein is right for you and guide you throughout your weight loss journey.

Savor Ideal Protein Drinks, Snacks, Breakfasts, Main Courses, Protein Bars and Desserts

Ideal Protein drinks, sweet and savory snacks, breakfasts, main courses, protein bars, and desserts are specially designed to satisfy your taste buds while respecting your diet. Low in calories and rich in protein, these products allow you to indulge without compromising your weight loss goals.

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