Create an atmosphere for every occasion with LaPō candles

LaPō candles are an ideal option for anyone looking to bring a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to their home. Handmade in Quebec with vegan soy wax and coconut oil, these candles offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional scented candles.

LaPō candles are available in different scents, each designed to bring a particular ambiance. Scents like sage and lavender and eucalyptus are perfect for a calming and relaxing atmosphere, while scents like vanilla and coconut water, strawberry, rose, sea salt, and pear are ideal for a livelier and energizing ambiance.


Environmentally friendly.

The soy wax and coconut oil used in LaPō candles are both renewable and biodegradable sources. Additionally, they burn more slowly and cleanly than traditional candles, which means that you can enjoy your LaPō candle for a longer period of time.

Vegan wax
Extended lifespan


All of our scented candles have a unique olfactory ambiance.

LaPō Candles

Of exceptional quality. The handmade manufacturing process ensures that each candle is unique and made with care. The quality of the ingredients used also means that each LaPō candle burns evenly and without smoke.

If you are looking to bring a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to your home, then LaPō candles are the ideal choice. With their calming scents, extended lifespan, and high-quality artisanal manufacturing, these candles are sure to offer you the perfect candle experience.

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