Gluten Relief

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Gluten Relief ® 375 mg Natural Factors Gluten Relief is specially formulated with a balanced blend of enzymes needed for complete digestion of difficult-to-digest foods, especially cereal grains and milk products, which contain carbohydrate, protein, gluten, and casein. Improved digestion of these foods can help ease digestive complaints and lighten the load on the digestive system. Supports mild-to-severe digestive complaints, fatigue, and loss of energy Digestive support for the consumption of gluten, casein, and lactose-containing foods (beans, milk and cheese) Eases gas and bloating associated with the consumption of fibre-rich foods Improves symptoms associated with food sensitivities, allergies, and celiac disease Optimizes the absorption of nutrients Uniquely supports the digestive system and normalizes the inflammatory response Suitable for vegetarians

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