Product description

Magnesium Bisglycinate 200 Nutridom

  • Helps to maintain proper Muscle function.
  • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.

Magnesium is best known as the essential nutrient for the formation of healthy bones and teeth. However this mineral is an essential mineral needed for more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. It is acting as a main role for the protein and fatty acid formation, activating b vitamins, supporting muscle activity, nerve transmission, relaxing blood vessels, clotting blood, temperature regulation and ensuring intestinal mobility also called bowel movements. Since magnesium relaxes muscles and nerves, magnesium supplementation can help with many conditions from high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat or heart palpitations, to insomnia, anxiety and depression to fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and leg cramps at night or following exercise. Magnesium deficiency is not the rare symptoms in modern days due to the consumption of processed foods and the depletion of magnesium from agricultural soils.

Magnesium bisglycinate

Magnesium bisglycinate is magnesium chelated to the amino acid glycine. The word, chelate comes from the greek word chele which means claw. Chelate means to grab or to bind especially the interaction of a metal ion and a single molecule is called chelation. The commonly available minerals are often found as the chelated form with inorganic salt forms like chlorides, carbonates or sulfates. Chelators in nutritional supplements are often include amino acids, organic acids, proteins, and occasionally more complicated chemicals.

The best magnesium will be the one which doesn t break down in the digestive process and can be absorbed in the intestinal (gut) wall and further into the blood stream. Many researchers found that amino acid chelate minerals are best for its bioavailability. Other forms of magnesium can reach the target cells, however, the absorption rate is not like with the amino acid chelated (expecially bis-glycinate/ glycinate chelated) magnesiums.

The bisglycinate form of magnesium passes into the cell via human bodys natural amino acid transportation. Magnesium bisglycinate has been shown to cross the blood brain barrier which makes it an excellent choice for aiding those with depression and/or anxiety, or migraine headaches. Other commonly available forms of magnesium (magnesium oxide, citrates and others) are often causing diarrhea- because of poor absorptions. Magnesium bisglycinate rarely cause diarrhea and four times more absorbed than citrate forms of magnesium.


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