Beyond Silver | Structured Silver

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Beyond Silver - Structured Silver is an alkaline antimicrobial solution that contains 0.001% pure metallic silver and 99.999% pure water. Structured silver has been shown to be effective with several categories of pathogens, but it is safe enough to use at home on a daily basis.

It provides ideal access to the health benefits of silver as a broad spectrum antimicrobial. This is a leap forward in silver technology beyond simple colloidal silvers or silver hydrosols.

Beyond Silver comes in two forms: a liquid for daily internal use and a gel for easy topical application. It provides immune system support to athletes, travelers, people living in high risk infectious environments and all family members in everyday life.

Beyond Silver is a safe, life-changing antimicrobial with amazing benefits.

It also has a slight alkalinity, unlike the older acidic silver.

  • It can act as an antibacterial
  • Can help heal wounds
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Works well as an anti-inflammatory remedy
  • It can be used to control infection

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