Nutra Collagen Plus

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Nutra Collagen PLUS Medelys

NUTRA COLLAGEN + is made of bioactive ingredients naturally found in our daily diet but hardly consumed in sufficient quantities that can provide us all of their benefits.

What does Nutra Collagen Plus do?

NUTRA COLLAGEN + is MEDELYS’ unique molecular formula consisting of peptides and amino acids based on hydrolyzed collagen.

NUTRA COLLAGEN + stimulates and nourishes all the cells of the body responsible for the regeneration and repair of the matrix collagen of the skin, the bones and the cartilage as well as other tissues and organs.

This matrix is essential in providing mechanical support and good functioning of the organs. In summary, NUTRA COLLAGEN+ is used primarily to maintain and preserve our body’s health by allowing our body to age normally while keeping its youth.

Who should use Nutra Collagen Plus?

Nutra Collagen Plus is recommended to people that want to maintain a good health of bones and cartilage.

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