R81 Analgesic: headache, nerve pain, migraine

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Dr.Reckeweg R81 Drops, Homeopathic Painkiller Medicine is a pain relieving medicine indicated for muscular pains (muscle ache or pain also called myalgia), headaches, neuralgic pains (pain in the nerves), arthralgia (joint pain). This formulation works through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs like anamirta cocculus, aranea diadema etc that acts on neuralgic pain (intermittent pain along course of nerve), headaches, myalgic pains (muscular pains) and arthralgia (pain in joint).

Clinical indications of R81 Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R81 Drops, Homeopathic Painkiller Medicine is indicated for Headaches, neuralgic pains, myalgic pains, arthralgia.

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