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Viazen Digestion is recommended in the presence of discomforts associated with a bad digestion. To relieve the chronic problem, Viazen Digestion will be taken on a regular basis, which means at a rate of 1 capsule with every meal. The results will appear after a few days of treatment. Viazen Digestion can also be taken in a sporadic way, to prevent bad digestion in the presence of heavy meals, alcohol consumption (wine, beer, spirits, and liquors) and with late meals in the evening or the presence of a lot of stress. The dosage will be of 2 capsules at the time.

What does Digestion do?

  • Rapid and effective relief of dyspepsia symptoms
  • Improve nutrients absorption
  • Elimination of nutritional deficiencies associated with a bad digestion
  • Disappearance of tiredness after the meals
  • Eating become again a pleasure

Who should use Digestion?

Someone with digestion problem who feel tired after the meal.

Recommended use: Be sure to ingest Viazen Digestion a few hours before or after taking other medication.

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